Gun Cleaning Tips and Myths Debunked

Everything You Need To Clean a Gun The above photo shows everything you need. As always, remember there is no magic. Brass/bronze brushes will not hurt nor wear out the steel metal of your guns - they are gentler than a bullet being fired through the barrel. Brass/bronze is softer than steel. So use a... Continue Reading →

Sayings Worth Repeating

DO IT NOW. READ. Six months in the laboratory can often avoid two hours in the library. Honor the deal. If you make a deal, keep it or beg to get out of it. Accomplish at least one project every day. If it’s a big project, make progress every day until it’s done. KISS stands... Continue Reading →

Fresh Classic Chili Recipe

Not Too Spicy, Not Too Sweet Fresh and balanced ingredients combined with flexible garnishments make this chili a universal one-pot hit. It is a winner for folks on a low/slow carb diet. Makes 14 or so servings. Ingredients: • 1 lb ground beef, preferably lean like chuck • 3 Anaheim (less spicy) or Poblano (more... Continue Reading →

Notes on Chemistry

Imagine molecules and atoms as a bunch of drunks in a room. If they don't bump into each other, no reaction will happen. There's more than an Avogadro's number of molecules used in any lab-intended reaction to make sure the molecules bump into each other. Proteins react whenever they bump into another molecule that fits... Continue Reading →

Chicken Vernacular

After owning chickens for only a few months, recognizing the prevalence of chicken vernacular in everyday language is easy to do. It's fascinating how much chicken-related vernacular remains in everyday language despite that most persons have never raised chickens like was done 100 years ago. For example: Chicken - meaning scared, as chickens are scared... Continue Reading →

What To Do When the Macbook SMC Will Not Reset

Apple provides instructions for reseting System Management Controllers.  For Macbook users (including Macbook Pro and Macbook Air users) with non-removable batteries, which are nearly all Macbooks from 2009 foward, Apple directs to press and hold Shift-Control-Option keys on the left side of the keyboard and the power button for ten seconds, then release.  Then press the... Continue Reading →

Rescue Disposable Fly Trap Review

The Rescue Disposable Fly Trap works!  It reduced an area's bottle fly population noticeably after two days.  It also captured hundreds of fruit flies in the same time. The instructions are simple, and take only a minute.  The trap lasts up to one month.  According to the manufacturer, it can capture up to 20,000 flies.... Continue Reading →

Low Carb Cocktails, from a Biochemist

A comprehensive list  is at the end. All hard liquor has negligible carbohydrate content.  (Read:  zero carbs.)  This includes all brandy, bourbon, cognac, gin, rum (including black, gold and white), scotch, tequila, vodka, and any other whisky (and whiskey).  Even sweet tasting Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum has negligible carbohydrate content. If liquor is low... Continue Reading →

Creole Chili

The most important difference between Cajun and Creole food is tomatoes. Creole has tomatoes. Cajun does not. Both are excellent. This one-pot Creole Chili recipe combines traditional Creole flavors with Western chili ingredients. It is a winner for folks on a low carb diet because it replaces rice with beans. Ingredients are all fresh, so... Continue Reading →

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